Colorful & iridescent

“Drella” – was the self-proclaimed nickname of Andy Warhol from the days of the Velvet Underground – an experimental rock band of the 60s. From Warhol’s point of view a symbiosis of Dracula and Cinderella. Introverted and reserved with his art during the day, the glamorous princess of the night woke up in him at nightfall.

Inspired by the New York film, art and music scene of the 1960s, a club with a colourful, dazzling, curious atmosphere was created. A mixture of art & show, a theater of the night, a place where “Drella” would feel at home.

The Drella goes its own way. A colorful mix of disco, funk & soul, hip hop, early electronic music from the 80s and 90s and the rock anthems of our generation ensures a varied sound experience.

“The average gives the world its substance, the extraordinary its value.” – Oscar Wilde