Book a Table

For a particularly exclusive evening, we recommend you to reserve a table!
(see Seating Plan)
Table reservations are subject to a minimum consumption per person (depending on the day and size of table). We do have a bottle service. Take a look at our drinks menu and our packages. Our service staff will advise you.
(see  Drinks menu)
Please note that our admission on weekends (Fri+Sat) is without exception from 21 years.
Wed+Thu, everyone over 18 is welcome.

Please send your reservation requests by e-mail to

Please write all important information directly in the e-mail so that everything runs smoothly.

- How many peoplE ? (from 5 persons a reservation is possible)
- From what time Do you like to celebrate with us?
- Is there a special occasion?
- Do you want to pre-order drinks (packages)?
- Your Mobile phone number for any queries